The Art of Longevity™, An Instructor’s Guide

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Having a long and healthy life is as much art as science. The secret to longevity is correctly applying the art of awareness. The Art of Longevity™ describes the application of awareness to three foundational methods of extending and improving your life - meditation, qigong and TaiChi.
As an Instructor’s Guide, the book provides all the tools necessary for instructors of the external arts, to extend their knowledge into the world of the internal arts. Expanding into the internal arts can dramatically increase the audience reach to capitalize on the ever growing body-mind segment of the health and fitness industry. Principles and specific routines are covered - seated and standing meditation, qigong and TaiChi - it's all there.
Just click on the covers to order the book and videos directly from Amazon. (The Wild Goose Kidney Strengthening and TaiChi Hun Yuan Chuang videos are available separately on Amazon.)

Become a Certified Instructor
For those interested in information on becoming certified to teach the entire Art of Longevity™ course, a special package is available. 
This package includes the following –

  • The Art of Longevity book
  • Wild Goose Kidney Strengthening DVD
  • TaiChi Hun Yuan Chuang DVD
  • Instructor’s DVD with Outlines, Student Handouts (forms, meditation, point charts) & Promotional
  • Qi Engagement DVD with QI exercises and demonstations
  • Free Instructor listing on
  • Testing Certificate for 1 free in-person (at Camp) or long-distance video Instructor Certification Exam

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This entire package is only $100 and includes everything you need to become a certified Art of Longevity™ Instructor. For more information or to order from Dayan Arts®, please see the Contact Us tab at the top of any page.