Shane Lear

Shane Lear began his journey into the Martial Arts in the mid 1980's. He was promoted to Black Belt by Sensei Eric Shellenbarger and opened his first dojo in 1991. Since then he has studied multiple arts as heShane&Chen HawkTurnsOver has continued to expand his knowledge and skill. He currently holds Black Belt rank in five martial arts systems. A student at heart, Shane travels frequently in the United States attending training sessions and seminars. His travels have also taken him to many parts of China including Beijing, Hong Kong, Wuhan, The Wudang Mountains, and the Shaolin Temple, as well as Tokyo, Japan. He has made several trips studying various subjects including, Tai chi, Kung Fu, Qigong (Medical and Martial), Acupressure, Acupuncture, Massage, Meditation, and TCM practices.

He is a student of Sifu Leo Fong (Wei Kuen Do) and Grandmaster Steve Cooper (Zanshin-ryu Jujutsu) and an “inner door” student of Grandmaster Chen Chuan Gang (Wild Goose System. He has also trained with several Master Warrior Monks at the Shaolin Temple including Shi Yan Bao, Shi Yan Xiu, and Shi Yan Zhang.

Shane is also a student of the Healing arts. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), receiving his training in massage therapy from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage in Ottawa, Ohio. He also holds a Master and Instructor certificate in Acupressure from the G-Jo Institute and a TCM massage certificate from the Tongren Hospital in Beijing, China as well as an Acupuncture Certificate from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing, China. He has also received training on meditation and Medical Qigong from Dr. Xu Hongtao of the Xi Yuan Hospital in Beijing.

His teaching has produced both State and National Champions in Weapons, Forms and Point Sparring. He also works with Mixed Martial Artists and has produced an amateur champion and professional fighter (Ryan Walls). Shane  is the founder of two Kempo (Quan Fa) styles - Genyuan Quanfa (Traditional) and Tiyu Kempo (Sport). He teaches both of these systems privately.