Amy Urton, RYT, LMT
Amy Urton is a licensed massage therapist, graduating from the Therapeutic Massage Institute in Lima, Oh. Amy is also a registered Yoga teacher and graduate of the 200 hour Yoga Alliance program.

From Amy -
I was first introduced to yoga by Shane Lear, who was teaching a class in his martial arts studio in Delphos. Having never liked sports at all, I was surprised when I kept going and loved it. Next, I found a program on amy yogatelevision and practiced five to six days a week.

I began to notice changes in my body and how I felt, and I realized how good yoga was for me, not only physically, but in all parts of my life. Shane noticed how much I loved yoga and how much time I spent learning; and he had me sign up for an online class to learn more. After the online course, I took over teaching his class. Then I wanted to gain experience from other yoga teachers, and began attending classes at the University of Northwestern Ohio. Working through a friend, I was able to continue my yoga education by traveling to Columbus one weekend a month for 9 months, until  I received my 200 hour certification.

Learning yoga has also enhanced my skills as a massage therapist. Being able to suggest stretches to benefit my massage clients has increased their success in relieving pain.

My classes offer a safe environment for students to learn yoga while feeling safe and secure. I focus on body alignment and the breath-mind connection. It is a balance of fun and learning; a place where I learn as much from my students as they learn from me.